Have you ever drunk Weed

On April 12, 2020

Us neither. Although….. As many brilliant ideas, ours started at a party. The type where you are with your friends, the music is great and you’re really just where you are supposed to be. On that particular party we wondered if we could create a weed vodka by simply adding some weed to one of the bottles of vodka available.

We were pretty sure that we had just created God’s gift to men. Full of anticipation we let the weed soak for an hour or so while we were already marketing our idea in our heads and thinking of names; weed-vodka, wee-vo, wodka, weed-ka …. WEEDKA.
Whether it was the quality of the Weed, the vodka or simply having stuff in your drink, truth be told the mix we created was awful. However, the idea stuck. What if we genuinely could create a weed flavored Weedka?

And that is where our story starts. After managing to register the domain while slightly intoxicated, we decided to create a high-quality vodka with the flavor of fresh weed. Not the familiar flavor of burnt weed but the actual fresh, ‘forest smell’ flavor. We teamed up with a master distiller in the Netherlands, who was a bit surprised when we explained our idea. With his help, we sourced a high-quality vodka an even better quality organic weed flavor and created a vodka that can be enjoyed neat and also stands out in a mix, our WEEDKA.

So to answer our own question. Yes! we did drink Weed. However, we can assure you that the product that came out of it is a zillion times better.

Warning: Don’t get too high on your own supply!

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