Do you get high from Weedka?

There is no THC in Weedka. You will not get a cannabis high from our Weed flavored Vodka. The vodka at 40% is real though, the party ingredients are there and the flavor will amaze you.
Wee’d love you to try and make up your own mind.

Where is Weedka from?

Born in Amsterdam, made in the Netherlands… Where else would a weed flavored vodka be made really?

How to drink it?

Really up to you!
In and of itself already our Weed flavored Vodka is a stunning drink, sip it before you mix it. We have also tried it with a professional mixologist to find out what works best.

What’s inside?

Weedka is a high quality quintuple distilled grain vodka infused with the delicate flavor of cannabis. 100% natural, plant derived flavor,
nothing artificial.

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