What is Weedka?

Weedka is a high quality 5x distilled grain vodka, infused with natural cannabis oil

Where is it made?

Weedka is made in Schiedam, home of the Dutch Spirits industry at a family owned distillery that started in 1777

How do you get the weed flavour?

The pure cannabis oil is extracted through distillation from the part of the cannabis sativa plant. It’s called steam distillation, a common way to derive essential oils out of plants. 

With steam distillation (and in fact with every distillation technique), volatile components are separatedof non-volatile components based on boiling point. The substances with a low boiling point evaporate faster and can be absorbed again by the vapor that occurs when the liquid is heated, to cool and collect the condensation. This is the traditional distillation technique

Is it legal?

Yes, Weedka contains no THC or CBD, only the oil from the cannabis plant.

Are there any effects from the cannabis?

No, apart from the delicious herbal smell and taste, there is no effect from the cannabis plant

What is the alcohol percentage?

Like every premium vodka, Weedka is sold @ 40% abv.

Target audience?

All free spirited drinkers of Legal Drinking Age that are open to new exciting products.

How do you get the THC and CBD out of the cannabis oil?

THC and CBD are taken out of the cannabis oil through a process of steam distillation

What is the favourite mixer?

You can enjoy Weedka neat or on the rocks.

Great mixers are:

The Skinny Bitch – Weedka with sparkling water, ice and a slice of lime

Weedka & Ginger Beer


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