100% natural

Smooth and unique taste
from 100% natural
cannabis sativa.

2 times gold medal

Weedka won 2 times the gold medal of The Vodka Masters Spirits Business in 2019.

Born in Amsterdam

Born in Amsterdam, made in the Netherlands… Where else would a weed flavored vodka be made really?

You won't get high

There is no THC in Weedka. You will not get a cannabis high from our Weed flavored Vodka. 

Buy Weedka

Wee’d love you to try and make up your own mind. Get your Weedka here.

Our Story


Amsterdam Mule

Stunning Angel

Weed 'n Coke


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Have you ever drunk Weed

Have you ever drunk Weed

Us neither. Although….. As many brilliant ideas, ours started at a party. The type where you are with your friends, the music is great and you’re...

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